Zahid Mubasher


“Thanks to the hardworking management team and all the employees here at Dolce Media Group, the company continues to grow every year.”


Spreadsheet Master:

Calculator Wizard:

Detail Focused:

Account Payable:

Accounts Receivable:


Badminton Master:

Card-Playing Champ:

Zahid Mubasher brings balance to the everyday at Dolce Media Group. Perfecting all things financial by monitoring, organizing and maintaining accounts, Zahid is a behind-the-scenes man who keeps the DMG machine running smoothly. Drawn to accounting for its exciting diversity and opportunities, Zahid brought his passion to Dolce Media Group in 2012, and has since helped to elevate the company to new heights as it branches out its new client relationships and invests in exciting projects.When he’s not crunching numbers, Zahid can be found volunteering in his community, chatting with the elderly to hear their life stories, or playing badminton, cards and table tennis with his family.