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GeoFocus Group


The GeoFocus Group provides complete construction management and consulting services to the ICI and Condominium Sector. As the company maintains its commitment to “One Principal to Every Project,” clients can rest assured that they will have senior-level involvement at all stages of their project. By promoting this unique vision, The GeoFocus Group is seeking growth and expansion into new markets.


To attract more potential clients to The GeoFocus Group, the company required a comprehensive website with eye-catching graphics and valuable information, all accessible with just a few clicks. The GeoFocus Group enlisted the expertise of Dolce Media Group to place its services in the spotlight, highlighting the company’s value and potential contribution to any project.

Our Solution

With a sleek theme and strong visuals, Dolce Media Group produced a website that maintains The GeoFocus Group’s identity via consistent colour palettes, fonts and industry language. Large icons are visible to clearly indicate the services offered by The GeoFocus Group, as well as a comprehensive interactive portfolio. Projects featured on the website can be filtered by industry or value, and are marked “current” or “completed” on the administrator’s end to ensure continuously updated content. Web users are also prompted to complete a contact card in order to download The GeoFocus Group’s PDF brochure, allowing the company to keep a log of potential leads and interested clients.

Additional Details

  • SEO Optimization
  • WordPress CMS
  • Responsive Web Design
  • Built with HTML5 / CSS3