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We are a full circle media firm

About Dolce Media Group

Welcome to Dolce Media Group. We are a collection of creative minds enriching the worlds of web, print and design through the fusion of innovative technologies and limitless thinking. We offer a full range of services that deliver swift and effective solutions for your business. Now, go on challenge us to create something never seen before.

The DMG Difference

We’re different because we think differently. We imagine in colours and pixels, in statistics and emotions. By approaching each project with this 360-degree mindset, we are able to provide our clients with highly effective products. Whether through the glossy pages of a magazine, the streamlined engineering of a website or an expertly designed marketing campaign, we’ll ensure your first impression is a lasting one.

Our Beginnings

We believe in the power of staying true to one’s roots while still reaching for innovation. Dolce Media Group, formerly Dolce Publishing Inc., began its journey into publishing when brother-and-sister duo Fernando Zerillo and Michelle Zerillo-Sosa launched DOLCE Magazine, a luxury lifestyle publication, in 1996. Over the past two decades, Dolce Publishing has grown by leaps and bounds, extending its reach into new industries, forming enduring relationships and adding additional strengths to its vast portfolio of work. We continue to be the producers of both DOLCE Magazine and City Life Magazine, lifestyle publications widely read across Toronto, the GTA and Canada, as well as select U.S. cities. Each issue is a reflection of the creative passion that’s been at our core from the very first edition back in 1996.

We are marketing experts

// Marketing strategy & execution

You’ve poured your heart and soul into your business, spent countless hours and endless nights building that company into an enterprise that embodies your vision and commitment. You love what you do and want to reach out to your target demographic and prove to them that your business will not only fulfill their needs but also enrich their lives. And that’s where we come in. Our marketing specialists are equipped with the expertise, tools and enthusiasm needed to launch your brand into the public eye. Our representatives begin by getting up-close-and-personal with your company, learning about your strengths and understanding your unique identity. We then design a marketing plan that is completely unique to your brand — one that highlights your greatest attributes and draws the eyes and ears of your targeted audience.

// Web/digital and print/editorial expertise

The new generation is exploding with evolving marketing techniques and digital technologies. From Search-Engine-Optimized websites and customer-connecting social media networks, to utilizing print or editorial as a marketing vehicle, our team at Dolce Media Group can tailor the ideal product to suit your needs while generating you business online. Employing attention-grabbing graphics and clean, streamlined technology, our web division specializes in producing unique and effective websites that shape and effectively lift your company above the competition. Our print department then converges with the web and design division to create premium content that gets you noticed in the online world, whether that’s through marketing campaigns, corporate brochures, business cards and more.

// Other marketing solutions

Dolce Media Group is committed to discovering unexplored marketing avenues and seizing the digital revolution. Let us uncover the perfect pathway for your business through extensive research and outside-the-box thinking.

Dolce Media Group is a reputable GTA and Toronto area firm in Canada specializing in website design and development, print, graphic design, marketing strategy and execution for businesses across the communities of Vaughan and Toronto since 1996. Boasting years of experience in custom publishing and strategic company branding, our wide-reaching websites, marketing and print campaigns have transformed fledgling businesses into mainstays and well-recognized brands into strongholds in their respective demographics. The DMG team delivers optimum turnkey responses to advertising, publishing and marketing quandaries to a wide range of clients.

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