Hero Certified Burgers

Since its inception, we have helped Hero Certified Burgers showcase the quality and value of their delicious menu items through several marketing strategies. Our goal was to showcase the deep roots of proud, all-natural Canadian Ranching thatis now beloved by all. Today, we have proudly transmitted those values to the brand and all Hero Certified Burger lovers.


Hero Certified Burgers was the first GTA burger franchise to introduce a 100% Seasoned Angus Beef burger from range-fed cattle, raised without the use of hormones or antibiotics.

Hero Certified Burgers has grown a strong customer base due to its social media presence, user-friendly website and app and community initiatives. Through its weekly e-blast announcements, loving customer social media testimonial content and professionally produced photoshoots, Hero Certified Burgers is the #1 choice for a true all-natural pure Canadian burger — so much so that to cater to its increasing customer demand, Hero Certified Burgers has evolved its business model to create Virtual Kitchens at partnered restaurant locations.