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The Institute for 21st Century Questions


The Institute for 21st Century Questions (21CQ) is a vision and strategy tank in association with Global Brief magazine that aims to analyze issues and help find solutions to some of the world’s biggest and most current issues, from the geopolitical to the political to the social. Discussing heavy-hitting topics such as the Former Soviet Space, the Congo War and the Future of the Arctic, a board of experts from across the globe presents readers with brain-stimulating perspectives on these issues, ideas for problem-solving and ways of implementing these solutions.


Such an ambitious concept required an equally ambitious online presence. One that would facilitate multilingual discussions between the institution’s top experts, while also allowing the average reader a chance to chime in their own thoughts. From the very onset, two key objectives for this project were to firstly provide a robust mobile experience, and secondly to make the site highly social. The first of these two objectives was accomplished with careful planning, user experience modelling, and much mobile device testing. The second objective was accomplished by placing social share buttons in key areas of the site using Disqus comments for reader comments, and providing update feeds for I21CQ’s Twitter and Facebook accounts.

Our Solution

The I21CQ mobile and desktop sites were tailored to suit the needs of its users, an intellectual community seeking to tackle the world’s biggest problems. This was accomplished through a sophisticated minimalist design, focusing the users on the rich content, as well as through an easy-to-navigate menu of pages that seamlessly break down the site’s complex collection of discussion topics, events, publications, and other content items, making the user’s browsing experience a swift one.