Bianca Ricci

Social Media Manager

“It’s amazing when I’m able to see significant growth across any of our social platforms based on some new tactic I discover. I’m always looking to take us to the next level.”


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Bianca Ricci is Dolce Media Group’s talented Social Media Manager, the queen of content and engagement for in-house media as well as the brand’s valued clientele. Working on everything from food to fashion and real estate, Bianca’s posts are a source of engagement and excitement for the brands she works with. With increased exposure and revenue top of mind, a great deal of planning and consideration goes into each custom strategy she develops for clients. Bianca stays current with the latest social media trends and marketing tools to ensure results every time. Bianca’s own experience with social media has taught her a lot about the consumer market and has helped her to create her own social media rulebook. She takes pride in developing strong working relationships with clientele and other industry professionals. In her spare time, Bianca is a blogger and self-proclaimed fashion guru.