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Fernando Zerillo


“Getting to the top was easy, staying here is the challenge!”



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Fernando Zerillo is the co-founder and creative director of Dolce Media Group. With a penchant for all things design related, Fernando leads the creative side of DMG, helping to successfully steer creative projects of all size and scope for a growing list of clientele. It was his own two hands that formed the initial issue of DOLCE and it’s his ingenuity that continues to shape the current versions of this popular luxury lifestyle quarterly and its sister publication City Life Magazine.

A creative visionary, Fernando has a keen eye for emerging trends and the insight to understand how they will affect business of the future. His foresight allows each new project to not only meet market demands today but also positions them for the evolving business landscape on the horizon. In the fast-paced digital age, he also understands how crucial timing is to the launch of any project and how to get it off the ground and running. A deadline-driven, natural leader, Fernando’s passion continues to push the creative envelope and bring clients’ dreams to life.