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Michelle Zerillo-Sosa


“It’s so refreshing to meet people who are the protagonists of their own story, and to take their message and spread it across various streams of media.”


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Michelle Zerillo-Sosa is the co-founder of Dolce Media Group. Since envisioning a media company that would empower, delight and enrich people’s lives, she has done exactly that since breaking ground in the ’90s. As the editor-in-chief of DOLCE and City Life magazines, Michelle has had her pulse on the issues that matter and the game-changers who are making a difference. Her passion and creativity touches every venture that comprises the diverse landscape of Dolce Media’s expertise, from magazines sold across Canada and the U.S. to marketing campaigns and strategic company branding. On days when she’s not supporting city charity events or meeting with intriguing characters, Michelle is at the forefront of making dreams a reality — much like in 1996, when she and her brother, Fernando, began the foundation of Dolce Publishing Inc. in their parents’ basement. A mother of three, Michelle likes to unwind with long bike rides and walks with the family dog, Ginger.