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Custom Publishing

We open up writers’ and artists’ opportunities by custom publishing their masterpieces


With independent projects cropping up more often in modern times, the demand for custom publishing has risen significantly. Rather than trying to make it big via larger national and international publishing firms, artists are turning to custom publishing houses to independently produce their fiction and non-fiction novels, poetry collections, informative guides, history books, and more.


Dolce Media Group recognized a demand for custom publishing in Vaughan and the surrounding areas in the GTA. We wanted to create an opportunity for these independent artists to launch their stories, ideas and creations into the world via a high quality and esthetically beautiful result.

Our Solution

Independent experts and authors who want to send their message to a distinct readership turn to Dolce Media Group to custom publish their works because our services provide a vessel by which this message can be creatively and beautifully delivered. The team of editors, graphic designers, creative directors and publishers at Dolce Media Group work to create a masterpiece out of each work we custom publish.

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