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Organized Interiors


Organized Interiors is a fast-growing company, with a series of subsidiary companies such as Garage Living. Its vision included showcasing its already in-demand craftsmanship to a wider audience using modern and fresh marketing techniques, as well as make a memorable appearance at the Interior Design Show in Toronto.


Organized Interiors called for a marketing method that elevated its already prestigious brand and labeled it as a modern and trailblazing company. For its advertising campaign, we decided to explore the print and digital realms to reach a wider audience and to utilize the contemporary, eye-catching methods offered in each one.

Our Solution

As a part of Organized Interiors’ print marketing, the graphic designers at Dolce Media Group produced an esthetically pleasing bookmark to hand out to clients and potential clients — a unique way to stir up conversation and gear attention towards the Organized Interiors brand. For its appearance at the Interior Design Show, we designed an interactive display for guests to explore. The unique model intrigued and inspired visitors as they got a chance to observe the company’s craftsmanship firsthand while being educated about its various services and offerings.

Additional Details

  • Tradeshow display design
  • Desktop & mobile contest registration