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Video Brochure


Amarula collaborated with Wildlife Direct for the social media campaign #NameThemSaveThem, which aims to raise awareness for endangered species in Africa, specifically elephants. In an effort to create an impact and inspire others to help, Amarula needed a creative and eye-catching marketing tool.


The team wanted to produce a video brochure that would tell a compelling story, one that stayed true to Amarula’s love for wildlife and African roots. Taking into consideration that this campaign was a collaboration with Wildlife Direct, we had to highlight on both brands while communicating one message.

Our Solution:

Dolce Media Group created a sleek and interactive video brochure which highlight s the company’s product and initiatives. In celebration of World Elephant Day, which took place August 12, 2017, Amarula donated $1 for every social media engagement with the #NameThemSaveThem hashtag. Who knew a cream liqueur could help save elephants?

Additional Details

  • Custom designed
  • Soft touch premium finish
  • Up to 2 hours of playtime
  • Rechargeable
  • Magnetic Closure