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Sardo Foods
Video Production


Sardo Foods is a widely recognized Canadian brand boasting a variety of products instilled with quality, taste, culture and value. Their goal is to keep customers satisfied and excited by the new and innovative inventory they offer. The team wanted to create a series of short videos to showcase these products with practical and easy-to-follow recipes.


The Sardo Foods brand is longstanding, trusted and well-respected within North America. Our goal was to produce eye-catching content that not only showcases their wide range of products, but also inspires viewers to expand their culinary horizons and enjoy healthy, delicious and fast meals with their families.

Our Solution

Our team of digital media experts developed a marketing and PR campaign that included a series of 12 eye-catching video recipes following current video and food styling trends to appeal to the client’s target audience. The footage was filmed from a bird’s eye view, capturing a close frame of the ingredients, products and company logo. To enhance the viewers’ experience, music was added as well as graphics and text. Aside from visual appeal, it was important to use graphics to communicate the dish name, ingredients and steps involved in achieving the recipe, as Facebook and Instagram auto-play video content is muted. Videos were uploaded to the company website and released on Sardo Foods’ social media channels, such as Facebook and Instagram.

Additional Details

  • Rigged camera
  • Food styling and art direction
  • Customized graphics and titles
  • Creative editing
  • Shot in Full HD