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Guildhall Diamonds Inc.

We brought the sparkle of these diamond experts online


To the experts at Guildhall Diamonds Inc., diamonds are not only treasures to be worn, but also investments to keep the future bright and prosperous. Housing an exclusive collection of carefully curated natural fancy colour diamonds, Toronto-based Guildhall Diamonds Inc. is recognized as an international source of intelligent and creative investments.


Dolce Media Group recognized the clientele of Guildhall Diamonds Inc. as a prestigious group of individuals seeking to preserve and enhance wealth. With this demographic in mind, it became evident that a website that was visually inspiring with crisp, informative text was what this company called for.

Our Solution

The website that Dolce Media Group designed for Guildhall Diamonds Inc. is a reflection of the prestige of the company and of the beauty it offers. With an easy-to-navigate menu of pages, including an innovative online shop in which users can browse all of the diamonds in stock, the Guildhall website presents the company’s clients and potential clients with a captivating and trustworthy way to get to know the acclaimed Guildhall product.

Additional Details

  • Built with HTML5 / CSS3
  • eCommerce platform
  • Wordpress CMS
  • SEO Optimization