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Herzig Eye Institute

We used the latest in technology and design to capture the vision of these medical professionals


Toronto’s renowned Herzig Eye Institute was in need of a website to match its esteemed services and accommodate its growing clientele. After years of enriching the lives of patients from across Toronto and the GTA through a selection of elite eye care procedures and dedicated service, Herzig required an online presence that stayed true to its shining reputation while elevating it with an advanced website.


Herzig Eye Institute’s commitment to patient knowledge and comfort required its new site to thoroughly inform users of its history, services and procedures. This could be attained through a use of visuals that are easy on the eyes, as well as readable and informative text, all embedded in a site that is simple to navigate.

Our Solution

Considering the clientele of Herzig, Dolce Media Group’s web development and graphics teams utilized large, crisp visuals to captivate users, and applied easily read text for a user-friendly experience.

Additional Details

  • Built with HTML5 / CSS3
  • Wordpress CMS
  • Organic SEO structure
  • Content Writing