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Mould Solutions


Mould Solutions has a long track record of assisting homeowners, real estate agents, property managers, businesses, architects and engineers with mould removal solutions for over 40 years. The trained and certified technicians at Mould Solutions have the knowledge, experience and skills to perform mould inspections and removal in a variety of settings, from attics, basements and kitchens to condominiums, swimming pools, garages and offices. They were looking to Dolce Media Group to provide a website refresh that better reflected their business, and an online presence that would better serve them and potential customers.


The vast majority of websites in this industry focus on bombarding potential customers with a strong sell, sell, sell message. DMG tried a different approach by drawing on Mould Solutions’ years of experience to assist in educating first before selling. By highlighting both the dangers of mould, as well as how to appropriately prevent mould-related problems in residential and commercial environments, this would be accomplished. It was also important that the website look clean and fresh, reflecting the company’s commitment to the latest industry practices and highest quality service.

Our Solution

Targeted service pages were created that serve as landing pages for users searching for a solution to their specific mould-related issue. An FAQ section, along with a glossary of terms, was also created to provide extensive education on many aspects of mould-related issues. A mould prevention section was also added to allow potential customers to learn ways in which they can keep their living or working space mould-free. A fun magnifying effect was used on the homepage, helping users to quickly understand the fact that mould may not always be easy to spot on the surface. Finally, a responsive framework was used to ensure that the website would be optimally viewed over a variety of desktop and mobile devices.

Additional Details

  • SEO Optimization
  • WordPress CMS
  • Responsive Design
  • Built with HTML5 / CSS3